The Weekly Digest 09/05: The Active Reserve Army

9 May

By Thomas Barlow

Forced to watch television one evening, I managed to tune into a UKIP party political broadcast that was so factually false it threatened the safety of nearby property as I raged fruitlessly at the grinning moron in front of me.

I relaxed at the impending mental candy floss that is The One Show, only to be immediately disappointed.

BBC 1 had been turned into a recruitment station for the Army Reserves.

The presenters used tones that would have been more appropriate in raising money for an animal shelter to explain the Army was overstretched and need the unpaid Reserves to fill the gaps.

Now those of us who like to not be invading countries constantly to secure resources for massive corporations may be glad to hear that the Army is smaller than it has ever been, poorly paid and badly equipped.

However their work is being done…

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