Why Salmond is right to be worried about Ukip

18 May

Iain Macwhirter

There has been a deal of unwarranted complacency among the Scottish chattering classes  about the threat posed by Nigel Farage, who received a predictably hostile welcome from radical independence demonstrators in Edinburgh recently. There is a comforting delusion that Ukip is a uniquely English political phenomenon. We don’t hate immigrants up here and we don’t want to leave Europe, axe maternity rights for women or cut off peoples’ benefits.  Anyway, didn’t Ukip want to scrap the Scottish parliament?

Well, yes they did – at least until last year. Ukip’s policies are hard to pin down because their manifesto is a work in progress and their leader seems to chop and change them at will. But there are still a lot of people in Scotland who think the parliament is a waste of money. Many voters have never forgiven Holyrood for the parliament building fiasco, the expenses scandals and the general…

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