I’ve Been Linked By A Mainstream Newspaper

9 Jul

Same Difference

Readers, usually when I write that headline, it is because I am thrilled. But this time, sadly, the thrill of knowing my blog was read by a mainstream journalist is tinged with pain.

Because the link to one of my posts is a part of a piece titled The ‘10,600 people died within six weeks of being declared fit to work by Atos’ stat is simply wrong.

Tell me for yourselves, readers, what you think of the Telegraph piece.

The piece makes the point that the DWP says “the large, presumably overwhelming, majority of those 10,600 people died, and then their claims ended because they were dead.”

But I ask- should terminally ill people have ever been made to wait so long for their claims to be processed in the first place, that they sadly died before their outcome?

The only acceptable reason I can think of for anyone to…

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