The 5 Old Etonians in Cameron’s inner circle all untouched by reshuffle

15 Jul

Pride's Purge

(not satire – it’s the Tories!)

According to Tory backbench MP Pauline Latham – of the six people that make up Cameron’s inner circle “five of them went to Eton; the other went to St Paul’s“.

And not one of them has been moved in Cameron’s supposedly radical reshuffle:

Jo Johnson (Eton)

Ed Llewellyn (Eton)

Oliver Letwin (Eton)

George Osborne (St Paul’s)

Rupert Harrison (Eton)

David Cameron (Eton)

According to Latham, these 6 people will be responsible for writing the Tory manifesto before the next election.

So expect a Tory manifesto truly thought up on the playing fields of Eton.


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