The great maltesers debate

6 Aug

Wee Ginger Dug

Here we go then, the great debate, the dug’s been walked and I’m sitting in front of the telly with a mug of tea and a box – yes an entire box – of Maltesers. But Emmerdale is still on so I’ve been amusing myself with anagrams. The ancients thought that anagrams and other forms of word play revealed deep essential truths, but then they also thought that you could predict the future by disemboweling a chicken. So what did they know.

Mind you you can fairly predict that the chicken’s going to get plucked, stuffed and cooked and I’m hoping that’s going to be Alistair’s fate in the debate. Anyway, with the chickenesque caveats in mind, did you know that Alistair Darling is an anagram of ‘tired liar salad’ – which is spookily appropriate and probably a reasonable description of his strategy for the debate. Meanwhile Alex Salmond is…

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