Wondering why so much effort to destroy a small enclave like Gaza? Here you go:

17 Aug

Pride's Purge

(not satire!)

Ever thought it a bit strange how so much expense and effort is being made to bomb a small and relatively defenceless enclave like Gaza?

Have you been wondering why western powers are so keen to turn a blind eye to schools being bombed, civilian homes destroyed and 450 children killed (so far) in Gaza?

Well this map might go some way to explaining it:

Gaza oil

The largest triangular shaped block in which hydrocarbons have been found and which also contains huge potential gas fields – belongs to Gaza:

Gas finds in east Mediterranean may change strategic balance

That BBC report was from May 2013. But despite its huge relevance to the situation these days, there’s not much mention of it in the international mainstream press now.

And why specifically Cameron’s silence?

British Gas has concession rights to explore for gas offshore the Gaza Strip – and it would make life so much…

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