Don’t expect any gratitude for a No vote. The future’s Boris.

13 Sep

Iain Macwhirter

‘Never go below the line’, friends tell me.

They mean don’t look at the comment sections on UK newspapers if you want to retain your sanity. But you would think the liberal Guardian would be an exception. After all, it is the organ of the thinking classes and supports constitutional reform and self determination for all nations. Not that you would know.

“Salmond and Sturgeon are just mouthy, groggy pub drunks who think they can make a point into fact by screaming it the loudest…” was one typical comment under a report on Alex Salmond’s continued insistence on currency union. Others prematurely celebrated “the demise of the Yes campaign [which] is setting up to be a must-watch bonfire of some preposterous vanities”. “Can we delay the referendum for a year and watch Salmond’s mental breakdown play out in glorious tartan Technicolor” said another.

The personalisation of the campaign, as if…

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