The Butterfly Effect

29 Sep

Butterfly Rebellion

Our growing hope of national self-determination is no longer grounded, as it was in centuries past, in a sense of our subjection to foreign domination. Scottish political union with England in the colonial and mercantile ventures of Great Britain, albeit a clever legal fiction, has had benefits for Scotland and some of Scotland’s people. Unlike a nation which has been overrun by another, more powerful, neighbour bent on destruction and the ethnic cleansing of its population, Scotland has been part of a political union where there has been a level of coöperation and mutual participation in commerce, empire building and statecraft. It has never been a union of equals, however. The English state and its establishment have dominated the agenda and have always enjoyed the lion’s share of the benefits. At Westminster decisions are made which have always been driven by an Anglocentric understanding of the British project. From the…

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