Here’s why Cameron’s so quiet about the Chinese crackdown on demonstrations. They own him:

1 Oct

Pride's Purge

(not satire – it’s the UK today!)

The only official protest about the democracy demonstrations taking place in China at the moment has come from Deputy PM Nick Clegg.

Not a peep from Cameron or Osborne.

Could this be connected to the fact that Cameron and Osborne have been selling off our essential infrastructure to the Chinese, who now own large parts of our water, electricity and gas supplies?

In December last year Cameron went to China, to persuade the Chinese government to buy up invest in Britain.

Chinese organisations and businesses with close links to the Chinese Communist leadership have already large stakes and controlling interests in huge parts of UK essential infrastructure such as water, gas, electricity, telecommunications and transport.

George Osborne on a visit to Xhina in 2012, persuaded the Chinese government to buy a stake in the UK’s biggest water and sewage company, Thames Water…

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