Anti-cycling lobbyist to chair meeting which will decide funding for cycling super highways

13 Oct

Pride's Purge

(not satire – it’s the UK today!)

Here’s a staggering conflict of interest which has gone quietly unnoticed.

On November the 25th, Transport for London will be deciding on whether to fund the proposed so-called Cycle Super Highways in the capital.

The meeting will be chaired by TfL board member Peter Anderson, whose full time job is Finance Director of Canary Wharf Group PLC.

Which is a bit strange because Canary Wharf Group PLC has just been revealed to be the main anonymous lobbyist against the very same Cycle Super Highway proposals.

Anderson’s employers are against the proposals most probably because many of the most influential Canary Wharf corporate residents are worried the scheme might slow down their limo rides around the capital.

Anderson, however, has not declared his conflict of interest in the matter.

So to sum up.

The public committee which will be deciding on the funding for a major cycling scheme in…

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