The Trouble with Tommy

13 Oct

A Thousand Flowers

tambbThe trouble with history is that it has a habit of repeating itself.  The trouble with Tommy Sheridan is that people either don’t understand why he is dangerous or have chosen to ignore that fact.  We can’t let history repeat itself and we will not ignore the fact that Tommy Sheridan is dangerous.

If you’re wondering what’s brought on this repeat performance of our most notorious party piece, it’s the fact that some in the independence movement still seem keen to carry a torch for a man who’s a political pyromaniac. We could go into the finer points of the latest stooshie, but why bother?  It’s mainly just the kind of misogynist morons you’d expect to defend their own, defending their own.

In an attempt to justify the unjustifiable – being in the same room as him – we’ve witnessed a familiar pattern in which history is rewritten, his…

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