Paternalistic Libertarianism and Freud’s comments in context

20 Oct

Politics and Insights

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Our boundaries of what is acceptable have been pushed by this government, it is being done in the same way that Gordon Allport described when he wrote about how the Nazis came to justify the Holocaust. It happened by almost inscrutable increments. It’s the same socio-psychological process: far-right propaganda and a media saturated with prejudice, until the unthinkable becomes increasingly more acceptable.

History has already shown us what is at the bottom of the steep, slippery slope. It’s the pit of human horror and despair, hollowed out for us by prejudice, kindled and nurtured by the fascist; the authoritarian; the malevolent, and never forget; the indifferent, foolish bystander.

It’s taken just four years since Labour’s Equality Act was implemented for it to appear reasonable for a government minister to propose that disabled people have fewer rights and are of less worth than everyone else. Only a corprocratic tory would call…

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