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New Scoring System To Decide Support Group For MH Claimants

26 Feb

Same Difference

With many thanks to Benefits And Work.

A new scoring system has been created to decide if claimants with mental health issues can get into the support group because of a risk of harm to themselves or someone else. The system has been deliberately designed to make it more difficult for women to qualify than men.

There have also been important changes to the way health professionals estimate how far claimants can walk or ‘mobilise’.

The substantial risk regulations are now one of the most important ways of getting into the support group.

According to the independent reviewer of the WCA, Dr Paul Litchfield, 38% of all new support group entries are on substantial risk grounds . Two thirds of these are decided on the papers alone, without the need for a medical assessment.

The regulations apply where a claimant has not qualified for the support group, but…

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Big lies and wee lies

25 Feb

Wee Ginger Dug

I got a Labour election leaflet through the door yesterday, it’s been popping through doors all over Scotland this week. It would appear that Jim Murphy’s Accounting Unit wants us to vote for them in May’s Westminster General Election in order to protect Scotland’s NHS. On the interwebbies there’s been a considerable amount of hoo and a great deal of ha about the identity of the nurse pictured on the leaflet, and whether she is in fact a nurse or is really a jobbing actress – or indeed whether she’s really an ordinary carer and Labour party activist who isn’t related to a former Lord Provost of Glasgow. Oh my God I’m a monstering cybernat.

Of course it could be that like Malkie Rifkind, who told us we’d be surprised at just how much free time he had from his full time job as an MP, the person in the…

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Westminster’s Francie and Josie

23 Feb

Wee Ginger Dug

Scotland had a wee visit on Friday from Davie the Pee Em, that’s his new official title because he’s dahn wiv da yoot. Being dahn wiv da yoot is also the same reason that Osborne got that new haircut, well, either that or it was drug induced. Mind you, it’s not easy to say why leading Tories might want to get dahn wiv da yoot, what with the average age of a member of the Scottish Conservatives being 82. Although admittedly that’s still a lot younger than Menzies Campbell.

Anyway, dimly aware that in Scotland politics is the new rock and roll, Davie tried to wow the audience out of their mid-afternoon nap with a taster from his new stand up routine. The funny bit, which wasn’t funny for anyone at the sparsely attended conference, was when he proved yet again that Magrit Curran’s relationship to the truth is similar…

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Loki: The Comforting Face Of Child Abuse

18 Feb

Worried you might be a millionaire tax avoider without knowing it? Find out with this QUIZ!

17 Feb

Pride's Purge


Are you worried you might accidentally be dodging the taxman by stashing away a massive fortune in a Swiss bank account without realising it?

After Tory donor Lord Fink said recently that “everyone avoids paying tax“, many people are concerned that they might unwittingly turn out to be a multi-millionaire tax evader who’s been unintentionally donating huge amounts of money to the Tory Party.

Well worry no more!

Simply take this short quiz and find out:

1) You decide you’d like to become a bit more involved in politics. Do you

a) Join a local branch of your preferred party and start handing out leaflets?

b) Find an issue you care about deeply and join a campaign group supporting it?

c) Buy a ticket for the next Tory Party fundraising dinner where you pay £235,000 for a seat at a table next to Iain Duncan Smith and bid £358,00 for a bronze scale model of George…

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IDS plan to kill social housing in 4 years

13 Feb


Before anyone dismisses this as just another of #IDS ‘fag-packet’ ideas, read Joe Halewood’s take below: and to quote his closing point “ please stop calling this the ‘daftest policy’ you have ever heard. Stop saying you are speechless at this etc, and grow a set of balls and tell IDS and this government (and the next government and the one after that) to go f**k themselves and to start dealing on your terms.”

The Times and Daily Telegraph have a story today – the latest hare-brained idea of the tyrannical despot called Iain Duncan Smith.

If you have worked for a year you get your council or housing association property given to you for nothing!!

Yes seriously!

The plan is outlined here in an article in 24Dash:

Iain Duncan Smith is keen for the party to include a pledge in its election manifesto to give people who…

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