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The answer in the mouth of a pig

21 Sep

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Captain Caveman and the shock of the new

23 Jul

Wee Ginger Dug

Labour’s hierarchy, the careerists and the SPADs, the spin doctors and the politics grads, are in full scale panic mode this week. Headless chickens have been known to run around more calmly and with a greater sense of purpose. The cliques in charge of the Labour party these past 20 years have suddenly discovered that their corpse like grasp on the party is rotting away and the token leftie might actually win the election.

Curse this democracy and one member one vote business. Having changed the voting system to reduce the power of the unions, the Labour leadership has now made the shocking realisation that some Labour members actually believe in all that stuff about socialism and fairness and redistribution of wealth and holding the banks and the corporations to account for the financial crisis they’ve caused, instead of blaming the poor and the marginalised. The road to hell is…

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Jeremy Corbyn speaks against TTIP at Durham Miners Gala

13 Jul

Think Left

In an inspiring and comprehensive speech, Jeremy Corbyn spelt out the aspirations [sic] that the left should have for any future Labour government.. a race to the top, not Osborne’s welfare for the rich and cuts for the poorest and the young.  An end to homelessness, hunger, the selling-off of publicly owned assets, zero hours contracts, food banks – that every child matters (not just the first two), solidarity with the trade unions and above all else, an end to the callous and unnecessary ‘Austerity’.

Jeremy specifically emphasised the threat of the US-EU trade deal TTIP… NAFTA on Steroids. He called for TTIP’s rejection not only in terms of its well publicised threat to the NHS and public services but also because of the international threat that it poses to worker and environmental protection legislation across Europe, the UK and the US.

In this speech, Jeremy Corbyn demonstrates by example, just how…

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Would You Trust DWP To Help You Claim PIP?

13 Jul

Same Difference

A message from Fightback:

We cannot stress enough that you send all your medical evidence and complete a pip2 form if transferring over from lifetime dla to pip. Many people state they are getting a call from dwp asking if they want to use the same info from their last dla form etc for it. Firstly that info will be out of date, secondly they rarely pass this on to the assessor anyway, thirdly the descriptors are totally different from dla.

I’ve had loads of calls from people this week alone stating the info was not used to make the decision and they failed to get enough points to qualify for pip.

Would you trust DWP to help you claim PIP?

You have been warned!

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Iain Despot Smith – stop pretending you care about the sick & disabled because, you really don’t!

13 Jul

The lovely wibbly wobbly old lady

Reposted from Welfare Weekly

Hmmmmm, so what about all the National Insurance I’ve paid in since I was 16?  

Iain Duncan Smith. Photo credit: Brian Minkoff – London Pixels / Foter / CC BY-SA

Iain Duncan Smith has hinted that the future of Britain’s welfare system could rest in the arms of private insurance schemes.

Speaking to the Telegraph, the Work and Pensions Secretary says young people should be encouraged to save into flexible accounts, from which they can then draw out money at times of sickness or unemployment.

The model is very similar to unemployment insurance schemes in the United States, but would work more like systems that exist in the far East – such as ‘Fortune Accounts’ in Singapore.

Instead of a government-run pensions system, Singapore residents are required to save for their own retirement. “These savings can be used to buy life insurance and disability insurance…

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What is the point of you?

13 Jul

Wee Ginger Dug

Jesus wept, Keir Hardie spun in his grave, the ghost of Aneurin Bevin howled in impotent rage at the vacuity of the press release, the spirits of the Jarrow marchers sat down and wept, and millions of former supporters raised their eyebrows to the skies and sighed at the Labour party – what is the bloody point of you? And the only answer is the meaningless self-serving waffle of a party that’s lost its way, a party that couldn’t even find a moral compass if it was lodged up its own arse.

There is no point to Labour, none at all. No meaning. No purpose. No bloody sense. All there is is the cold hearted triangulation of a spin doctor who’s never had to struggle against poverty or exclusion. Labour has announced that there’s very little they’re going to do to oppose as the Tories set fire to the social…

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What’s in a name?

18 Jun

Wee Ginger Dug

A guest post by Samuel Miller (Macart)

You know that veto, that’s not a veto? It seems that Mr Mundell couldn’t even wait for the new bill, debates, amendments, ratifications and/or ink to dry before exercising it. Apparently he’s no happy that after weeks of taunting the Scottish Government and electorate over the matter of fullfiscaldevoindylitemaxautonomy, those bounders representing the bulk of the Scottish electorate went and tabled an amendment openly asking for it (black hole an’ a) (*). Worse yet, it appears their idea of fullfiscalwossiname isn’t the same as HMG’s. True blue Tory central’s idea of ‘fiscal responsibility’ is entirely different and it certainly doesn’t include a Scottish government having control of all revenue streams, taxes, welfare or natural resources. Oh hell no. So after he had munched on some hastily made toast and jam, he screwed his courage up to the sticking point and with the full…

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