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Plus change, plus la même chose

5 Apr

Wee Ginger Dug

So a wee while ago there was a meeting between La Nicla, which is defined in French dictionaries as “la femme qui puts les shiteurs up l’establaissment britannique”, and the French ambassador. The purpose of the meeting may or may not have been to have a wee laugh at George Osborne’s attempts to make political capital out of the Battle of Agincourt, but La Nicla and L’Ambassadeuse had a wee natter over some Ferrero Rocher about things that diplomatic protocol says that ambassadors and first ministers should have a wee natter about, and as is normal minutes were taken and a report was sent as a matter of courtesy to the UK Foreign Office. There is apparently no truth in the rumour that the minutes of the meeting were taken by someone on work placement from Reporting Scotland, but since the British media doesn’t feel the need to check their…

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A Very Caledonian Coup

5 Apr

Harry Paterson

surgFormer Deputy Leader of the Labour Party, Roy Hattersley, a man not noted for his fevered commitment to the communist cause, once advised that we should “never underestimate the British establishment’s ruthless determination to destroy its enemies.”

Sage advice, to be sure, and one wonders if Scotland’s First Minister, Nicola Sturgeon, is familiar with the quote. If so, we can imagine her nodding in resigned agreement at the end of an extraordinary week.

She was branded by the Daily Mail as “The Most Dangerous Woman in Britain” – surely a badge of honour, awarded as it was by the notorious Hitler-worshipping rag? – and then wowed even English voters during the leaders’ debate on Thursday evening, topping the many resulting polls.

The events that followed, then, represented a certain inevitability. The SNP oppose austerity, oppose the scape-goating of immigrants and oppose the destruction of free education and the NHS. As…

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